As a player,What is the most important difference you would like to see in BCMCL 2014 season?
Better Ground maintenance.
Better Umpiring
Better Administration
VCU&SA - Level I Umpires Course
Oct 14, 2014
VCU&SA will be conducting a Cricket Canada Level 1 Umpires Course on November 22nd, 29th, Dec 6th, Dec 13th on Saturdays between 9:30am - 12:30pm. Full Details from VCU&SA      VANCOUVER CRICKET UMPIRES & SCORERS ASSOCIATION We are planning to have a Cricket Canada Level I Umpires course on November 22nd, 29th, December 6th & 13th. All are Saturdays from 9:30am – 12:30pm. We have videos & Power point presentations & discussions on many of the laws. Presenter – Harry Grewal, Assisted by me Angus Melder & also Dennis Rego when and where possible.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested and capable of a written exam in English on the last day, please sign up by email ASAP to or phone me for more information at 604-637-2678. Details of location may depend on cost & availability in Surrey. Harry has kindly volunteered his office in Richmond.  The fee for this great course is only $25, paid on the first day. You can return this sheet with your sign up now -- or sign up by email. ASAP.  As a BCMCL League umpire you also get a fee of $80 for umpiring in Div 1 or higher & $75 for 45 over matches. You will usually be teamed up with senior umpires. Name: Print First & Last name    Club:                                      Email/Tel (print) 1) ________________________  ______________ _______________ __________   2)________________________ _______________ _______________ __________   3)________________________ _______________ _______________ __________   Fun ? Is the boundary a part of a circle, or a straight line between cones or flags, when the boundary is only marked by cones or flags?? Answer:   Download the Form
2014 BCMCL Award Winners
Oct 08, 2014
Congratulations to all the Award Winners !! Click HERE for the Full List
2014 Inter-City Game - BCMCL Vs VDCA
Sep 19, 2014
Inter-City Game between BCMCL XI and VDCA XI will be played on Sunday, 21st Sept'14 at Upper Brockton, BC. BCMCL will be the host and VDCA team will be visiting.  Please come and watch this high profile game with all the top players in action.     BCMCL XI 1] Amarbir Hansra (C) 2] Sanjeet Sadana (VC) 3] Jawad Dawood 4] Sada Kaleem 5] Awais Ahmed 6] Atul Nagpal 7] Rash Kumar Sharma 8] Harmandeep Singh 9] Partheepan Yogarajah 10]Rajbir Singh Sohal 11]Jayan Dissanayake 12]Dushyant Singh (Team Manager) VDCA XI 1] Matt Baldwin 2] Paramdeep 3] Love Ablish 4] Kulvir Sidhu 5] Rahim Hassaan 6] Siam 7] Dushyant Kohli 8] Vatsal  9] Tejwant Mann 10]Nagy Thomas 11]Sweetpal Singh 12]Ravi Bachhal Kuljit Nagra (Team Manager)   BCMCL XI1] Amarbir Hansra (C) 2] Sanjeet Sadana (VC) 3] Jawad Dawood 4] Sana Kaleem 5] Awais Ahmed 6] Atul Nagpal 7] Rash Kumar Sharma 8] Harmandeep Singh 9] Partheepan Yogarajah 10]Rajbir Singh Sohal 11]Jayan Dissanayake12]Dushyant Singh (Team Manager) VDCA XI1] Matt Baldwin 2] Paramdeep 3] Love Ablish 4] Kulvir Sidhu 5] Rahim Hassaan 6] Siam 7] Dushyant Kohli 8] Vatsal 9] Tejwant Mann 10]Nagy Thomas 11]Sweetpal Singh 12]Ravi BachhalKuljit Nagra (Team Manager)
Sep 18, 2014
VDCA Winners - Saanich CC (Host)BCMCL Winners - Meraloma CC (Guest)Date : Saturday, 20th Sept 14 @ 12:00pmVenue : Beacon Hill Park, Victoria (Map)Format : 45 OversTeam List From Saanich CC1. Dushyant Kohli (C)2. Paramdeep Singh (VC)3. Vatsal Shah4. Gaurav Kumar5. Love Ablish6. Vikram Bawa7. Dabeer Ahmed8. Harris Ahmed9. Buhran Khan10. Samad Khan11. Raj Saini12. Punnet Puri13. Dhwani Mistry14. Hummair AhmedTeam List from Meraloma CC1. Anthony Holloway2. Daniel Brennan3. Teece Camporeale4. Jason Sandher5. Ben Hastie6. David McGowan7. Lee Edwards8. Nathan Owen9. Worrin Williams10.Cavan Ditchmen (C)11.Iain DixonCome and Enjoy !!
2014 BCMCL Awards Night
Sep 14, 2014
2014 BCMCL Awards Night - Saturday, 11th Oct'14 Crystal At YorkFun starts at 6:30pm.. Get your tickets now from your club executives or from Harjit / Sarbjit. All are Welcome !!
Sep 11, 2014
Elite & Premier Division's Shield Final will be played this weekend. The matches are scheduled to start at 11 AM. Please come and enjoy the day. Elite - Meraloma I Vs Abbotsford I @ West Newton - 13th Sep 14 Premier - West Coast Tamils I Vs West Vancouver I @ Sullivan Heights - 14th Sep 14   Rest of the Divisions Play-Offs schedule
Sep 11, 2014
Cricket Canada National Coach Mr. Mukesh Narula will be visiting BC between 13th Sep'14 and 17th Sep'14, and will be conducting a High Performance Training Camp with the High Performance Team players comprising Senior and Junior Players.   Cricket BC's President Rashpal Bajwa, Senior Selection Committee Chair Tajinder Dayal, Junior Selection Committee Chair Anil Khanna will select the potential candidates along with Cricket Canada's President Vimal Hardat and National Coach Mukesh Narula presence and input.   Selected Players will go for Training Camp to be scheduled from Saturday 13th Sep'14 through Tuesday, 16th Sep'14 at West Newton Cricket field. Mukesh Narula will be spending sometime watching the BCMCL Elite & Primer Division Playoff on the weekends as well. Potential candidates from the training camp, will be in the roster for national selection.    Coach Mukesh Narula will also be assessing and sharing his coaching knowledge for any aspiring coaches.   All the cricket players / coaches / umpires are welcome to come and watch the Cricket Camp.
2014 Inter-Continental Six-A-Side Tournament
Aug 18, 2014
Teams registration is Open for 2014 Inter-Continental Six-A-Side Tournament to be held on 1st September 2014 at Brockton Pavilion Grounds , Stanley Park. Please send email to Special Events Committee, with name of the team (Country) and list of 8 players. Team registration fee of $100 dollars have to pay by August 28th 2014. No registration will be accepted after August 28th 2014. Individual players also can send email with their interest in playing for a specific country with their phone numbers. on August 28th, Management Committee will review the applicants and select teams to participate. If any country has a large number of quality applicants the Management Committee may, at its sole discretion, allow and additional team to participate for a particular country. A maximum of 16 teams will compete in the tournament. Teams and schedule will be published on the BCMCL web site. Only few spots are available. If you or your friends from your / other club wants to participate and form a team, please act fast.
Aug 10, 2014
Suliman Khan from Centurians Cricket Club, BC Team have been selected to play the U17 ICC Americas Match Play tournament scheduled at Bermuda between 18th - 24th Aug' 2014. Three teams (Canada, USA and Bermuda) are participating which serves as part of the development ahead of the 2015 ICC Americas World Cup Qualifier. Wishing you the very Best Sallu !!
7th Friendship Cricket Cup
Aug 08, 2014
We would like to invite you ALL to the 7th Annual India/Pakistan Friendship Cricket Cup to be held on August 15th starting 4:30PM at Bell Center (Sullivan Cricket Ground 144th street and 64th Ave). This event will also feature a fund raising event for the BC Cancer Foundation to be setup under “Cricket for Cancer” with BC Cancer foundation.
Miri-Piri T20 Semifinals
Jul 29, 2014
First Semifinal is going to be played at Sullivan ground today, July 29th.  Game will start at 17:30P between United and Surrey Kings. Second semifinal is schedule for Wednesday evening at 17:30p between EOS and Abbotsford. Finals are on Friday August 1, 2014.
Jul 10, 2014
The grand opening for the new Cricket field at West Newton is scheduled for Saturday July 26th 2014. The event will take place between 11 am and 2 pm with a ceremony and ribbon cutting at 12:30pm. It will be a free family event which will include a lot of children attending for the new playground there.  The City will provide refreshments and games for the children including face painting etc. All the Cricket enthutiast are most welcome with their family !!
Jul 07, 2014
Pakcan Cricket club lead by Zeeshan Wahla, Atul Kumar Nagpal, Awais Ahmed, Rai Usman Tahir, Hassan Villa Malik,Harman Sangha won Canada Day Six A Side 3rd year in row and Richmond Cricket Club won Consolation. Congratulations to Both teams for their awesome performance. Balqiaz Khantook the best batsman award, Shamsher Singh won most sixers and Vishavdeep Gill won Best Bowler Award.   2014 Six A side events are Dedicated to Cliff Cox, Jack Kyle, Angus Melder, Terry Howard, Rita de Croos, Gail Howard, Philip Fernandes, Sadru Qassim John Makay, Rod Hesp, Gary Tyler, and Many more For thier volunteer time to build strong BCMCL community. Once again this year, BCMCL cummunity will try to raise funds for BC Cancer Foundation. 
Jun 29, 2014
2014 Canada Day - Club Six a Side Schedule. Please click HERE. Event is dedicated to Cliff Cox, Jack Kyle, Angus Melder, Terry Howard, Rita De Croos, Phillip Fernandes, Sadru Qassim, John Makay, Rod Hesp, Gary Taylor and many more for their volunteer time to build strong BCMCL community.
Jun 25, 2014
Cricket BC is happy to announce the BC team to participate in the Canada Cup U17 to be held between 30th June and 4th July 2014 at Centennial Park Cricket Grounds in Etobicoke, Ontario. Five Teams across Canada will compete in the round robin tournament. Click HERE for more details.
Level: BCMCL, Tournament: 2014 Regular Season, Round: Preliminary,